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I've partnered with Guitar Mastery Method for an epic giveaway of a Gibson Les Paul Standard + 3 Spark Amps (total prize value of $3,396.00). The winners will be drawn on Thurs Sept 24th so get your entry in now!

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Slow 💃 in a 🔥 Room now online everywhere ❤️

Thanks to @johnmayer for creating such a timeless tune 👑 🐐

Livestream concert NOV 1ST & album pre-orders via bio x

(amended upload due to IG glitch)

My Dad’s acoustic was literally this. Probably why I went straight to the Les Paul 😅 #blisters #guitar #guitarist #acousticguitar #acoustic ...

Dedicated to my favourite city 🌃

Today’s #showsanddistancing upload is Encomium (Reverie) - Live in NYC. The opening track from this NY show and also track 1 from the upcoming album. Encomium is a celebration of life and we felt it appropriate to open the live record with this one. Nothing too flashy, nothing too choppy. Just a vibe. Very much in the realm of Michael Hedges’ ‘Dirge’.

Pre-order bundles come with instant wavs of released tracks plus early bird pricing. Link in bio.

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Captured a noodle during lockdown/house move. Thanks to #daddariostrings you can learn it! TAB in their bio x

Repost from @daddarioandco ...

You too can play like @mike_dawes! Our favorite acoustic virtuoso goes electric with some help from @neuraldsp for this stunning etude, and you can learn to play it by following the link in our bio. Share your version using the hashtag #wewillplayon and you just might get featured on our stories. 👀 Also, be sure to check out Mike's upcoming live album "Shows and Distancing: Live in the USA," available for pre-order now!

New live tracks dropping every Friday for the foreseeable future. As each video goes up, the album pre-order folks get the wav file sent to their inbox ❤️ Full STIUTK on YouTube 📺 Enjoy your Sunday ☀️

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🌙 1st live single now on @spotify & @applemusic for your playlists 🌙

🖼: @phanttoni

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Do you like jokes about #Brexit? The first live video from ‘Shows and Distancing…’ is now up. STIUTK from NYC. Thanks @guitarworldmagazine for the feature.

I’ll be releasing a live video every Friday on my YouTube channel to celebrate the live album pre-order and streaming show. Links in bio/story ❤️ 🇪🇺 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

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Huge thanks to my Patrons for following behind the scenes and not leaking the stuff I’ve been spilling 😜😅 I wanted to publicly and sincerely thank the folks I affectionately call ‘The Legends’.

On Monday I’ll be dropping a BIG one. Link in bio to join The Legends 🧙‍♂️⛰❤️

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Some days you just want to be Panda. Right? 🐼 #fbf #panda #ifyouwannabemypanda ...

BFJR (Big Fat Juicy Riff) #scarlet by @periphery #tbt #spiderhands #guitar ...

#lockdownlessons sold out pretty quickly so we’ve added 3 more days to the bookings 💪 link in bio for the Sundays in September. It’s been a blast playing some drums cough I mean guitar with you via @zoom ❤️ 🎥 💻 🎸 🎙 ❤️ #guitarlessons #guitar #guitarist #acousticguitar ...

@steph.carys always rocking the best vintage band tees 👌 Really lovely day out in sunny Guildford with my favourite human and the best food ❤️

Have a great weekend everyone ☀️ @yesofficial

What’s wrong with this? What needs to be tweaked? Don’t answer here because I have low self esteem, the answers are on my @patreon page where I break down the process of building parts & respecting space, plus some gear related things to consider when finishing a piece. Link in bio 🎉 (pinned on fb) @tonewoodamp #patreon #guitar #guitarlessons #mikedawes #acousticguitar #acoustic ...