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360 Photo Blog Now Online

By April 21, 2015April 27th, 2015No Comments

Gutentag everybody. Greetings from Germany!

Tour has been great so far with packed shows from the start. A great way to kick off the 2015 with my good buddy and immense talent, Petteri Sariola.

I picked up a very cool little device just before tour, it’s a bizarre little camera that creates an interactive 360 portrait (or video) of any moment you choose to capture. Great for big geeks like me!

I’ve started a 360 blog to capture these moments. You can find it at

I hope you enjoy interacting with these little immersive environments. It’ll be interesting to see where this tech will go 🙂

Gigs this year in Germany, Poland, Portugal, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Italy, UK and USA. See you out there!

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