4 laser-engraved signature capos available now (for Christmas)

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Holy Capo Batman!

Get your hands on one of these exclusive laser engraved G7th Performance 2 Capos ONLY at www.mikedawes.com

Each capo has been laser engraved with Mike’s ERA logo PLUS either ‘Mike Dawes’ or the title of his latest album. Available in extremely limited quantities in black or silver.

From G7th Capos:

‘In-tune, buzz-free capoing. Our award-winning capo for 6 string guitars is unlike any other guitar capo – its fast squeeze-on, squeeze-off action gives you complete control over the pressure placed on your strings, so you spend more time playing and less time tuning.’

Mike has been using G7th capos exclusively for over 10 years. Get your engraved capo today before they’re all gone.

Click here for the goodies…

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