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International Guitar Night Tours

By October 25, 2013No Comments

Hello all!

I’m happy to report that the two International Guitar Night tours in 2013 and 2014 are closing in and preparations are coming along nicely 🙂

I’ll be heading over to Canada for 3 weeks with the incredibly talented Pino Forastiere, Brian Gore and Quique Sinesi next week. This will be my first tour in Canada and I couldn’t be more excited to visit the home of so many great guitar players.

We’ll all be playing solo music, as usual, but we’ll also be performing some special duets and quartets (it’s a real workout!) and we’re all looking forward to sharing the result with you all 🙂

Jan/Feb 2014 will bring a huge US run of the same tour. I’ve just uploaded the full gig list over at the live page, I can’t wait to visit the States again. Great memories from the Justin tour.

See you out there!


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