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Learn Boogie Shred iOS app out now!

By July 18, 2014No Comments

Good news everyone!

Thanks to the success of the 5 star rated ‘Percussive Guitar with Mike Dawes’ app, Leafcutter Studios and I are proud to announce the release of ‘Learn Boogie Shred with Mike Dawes’, another interactive, in depth app tuition app for iOS devices!

Just search for ‘Mike Dawes’ or ‘Boogie Shred’ on the app store and download! Thanks to your support we were able to make a second app 🙂 So happy about this one, details below!


‘Learn Boogie Shred with Mike Dawes’ is an in depth and interactive tuition app for iOS devices.

In this follow up to the 5 star rated ‘Percussive Acoustic Guitar with Mike Dawes’ app, Mike breaks down his popular original composition ‘Boogie Shred’ in immense detail totalling over an hour of exclusive content.

Here, Mike talks through the process surrounding the the composition of the song, before presenting a section by section video breakdown of the piece in incredible detail. Every finger, every nuance, every note is covered.

Additionally, an interactive 3 camera performance of the song is included, an incredibly useful reference point for any part of the song.

This app features:

* Introduction and overview the song

* An interactive multi-angle play through of ‘Boogie Shred’
* Easy to use ‘A/B’ bookmark system, allowing the user to mark and repeat any part of the app, with 2 simple clicks

* Incredibly detailed explanation of all the guitar techniques used in the song, as they happen.

* Every single note/scratch/scrape covered in enormous detail totaling over 1 hour of content.

Check out the official tour video for Boogie Shred HERE!

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