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Machinae Supremacy release new album featuring Mike Dawes

By August 12, 2014No Comments


Good evening everyone, a bit of an unusual post today. I’m delighted to announce that I have been involved with Swedish SID Metal pioneers Machinae Supremacy latest epic, ‘Phantom Shadow’.

I’ve actually been a long time fan of this underground bunch since my days at college. A friend of mine sent me their songs ‘Ghost’ and ‘Winterstorm’ back in 2006 (8 years ago? wow) and I became an instant fan of what they were doing, combining the authentic sounds and themes of retro gaming with a hard rock edge.

I played acoustic guitar (with a percussive tappy tinge – of course) on the track ‘Europa’. This record will be out on August 22nd through Spinefarm/UMG. Do check it out and support this band, they are doing something fresh and exciting with the hard rock/metal genre. Thumbs up!

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