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Mike teams up with YouTube for mini doc (Video)

By October 17, 2015No Comments

Hey all, I’m super excited to see the results of a video project I worked on with¬†YouTube go live!

Check out ‘YouTube Artist Journey – Mike Dawes’ here:

I’ll always be grateful for social media, especially YouTube for giving me the means to share my music with people all over the planet. It really is a remarkable time to be a musician and I certainly owe a lot to this platform. It’s also been a pleasure to get to know and spend time with some of the people behind the scenes at YTHQ. You guys have a fascinating job and it’s great to know that the people on the ground are in the creative’s corner, and are genuinely interested in hearing from musicians as to how best improve the YouTube experience.

What a great chronicling of a rollercoaster ride. Thanks for sharing the experience, and thanks to the fans for being the most important part of all…



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