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New Official video! ‘Somewhere Home’ Live in Florida (+ TAB + FREE MP3)

By November 23, 2015No Comments

‘Somewhere Home’ Live Video Out Now


The final video in support of the ‘What Just Happened?’ album.


Hello everyone, I’m really excited to share a new live video with you. ‘Somewhere Home’ is a gentle fingerstyle piece influenced by celtic music from around the British Isles. It has become a fan favourite at shows and is always a really fun part of the set for me. It’s a very personal song, and I think that this performance captures that. I’ve also released guitar TAB and a (free MP3) for you that is available through this link


Click here to check out the video!


As always, sharing is what keeps this thing going. Without you, the fans, there would be no way I could independently produce these songs and share them at concerts around the planet. You are all amazing and I really hope that if you like this video, you’ll tell your friends. If not, that’s totally cool of course! Celtic ballads are not traditionally as popular as cat videos or guitar pyrotechnics, although there are a few in the middle section of this piece of course (pyrotechnics, not cats)

Finally, I’d like to tell you about a 25% Christmas sale I’m running for all my webstore items, these include signed CD’s, shirts, TAB, picks and more. Head on over to my webshop and use the coupon code ‘CHRISTMAS’ at checkout.

Thanks for being amazing, I really hope you enjoy the video. Album number 2 video cycle starts very soon 😉


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