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New Song ‘Overload’ Out Now!

By August 4, 2016No Comments

Hello lovelies, it’s new music day!

Here is the official video for ‘Overload’:

If you enjoy the piece you can download it exclusively from my Bandcamp page as ‘pay what you want’:

There is also an incredibly detailed TAB available, transcribed entirely by myself that covers every little nuance of the piece. 17 pages plus 2 additional pages of notes. Phew!:

If you like what you see/hear, please do tell your friends and share. Sharing makes this whole thing possible and if nobody shared it, nobody would hear it and I would not be able to make it. You guys rule 🙂

Overload is based on a jam I came up with in the bathroom of the Blue Note in New York (great reverb by the way!) The tune stemmed from this rhythmic hook and followed me all over the world. It ultimately ended up being composed entirely on the road.

Overload is about the chaos of urban life, travelling, digital media, all the distractions that keep you away from yourself, and time to breathe within your own space. It can all get a little much sometimes!

Overload Thumbnail

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