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New Video: Scarlet

By February 23, 2016No Comments

Mike Dawes is pleased to release a brand new single exclusively through Guitar World Magazine. ‘Scarlet’ is an arrangement of the blistering track by Washington DC’s progressive metal titans, ‘Periphery’. The video can be found here.

The track is available as a digital download for FREE, or pay what you want with 100% of all sales going directly to Unicef UK to assist children caught up in Europe’s refugee crisis, as well as FAB Projects based in Kenya, providing Food, Aid, and Building in rural communities.

“As a lifelong metal fan myself (my first concert was Iron Maiden at the age of 13) I really wanted this arrangement to highlight the wonderful melodies and textures of a great metal track, arranged for an audience that may initially be put off by the volume and intensity of the original. In covering ‘Scarlet’, I’m really trying to express the core ingredients of the track, melody and harmony, as with any genre, and that once an individual can get over and accept the intensity of a metal arrangement you can find some of the most beautiful tunes out there. ‘Scarlet’ is a brilliant example of this and if just one acoustic guitar fan discovers the original, discovers Periphery or discovers metal music through this cover, then the arrangement will have been a success.” – Mike Dawes

“Mike is an extraordinary talent. He’s got a style that is completely unmistakable, and I can’t really compare him to anyone else in his genre. The first time I heard his cover of ‘Scarlet’, I was floored at how unique of a spin he put on the song. It’s moody and sombre, which is such a different feel from the Periphery version. But in my opinion, the best kinds of cover songs are the ones that give you a completely different perspective on what was written. Mike has accomplished just that.” – Mark Holcomb (Periphery)

‘Scarlet’ can be downloaded here

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