Reviews & Testimonials


‘A young virtuoso’

Ken Bruce (BBC Radio 2)


Guitar Player Magazine (US)

‘The Acoustic Tapping Titan’

Total Guitar/Musicradar

‘Astounding virtuosity’


‘He slaps, taps and caresses his way to brilliance’

 Guitar World Magazine (US)

‘An innate melodic instinct and incredible guitar prowess’

–  Guitar World’s Acoustic Nation (US)

‘What the hell is going on? It’s beautiful’

James Valentine (Maroon 5)

‘He’s among the very best in the world. He’s exceptional, I know you’re going to love him’

Justin Hayward (The Moody Blues)

’Beautiful and sensitively played arrangements and compositions’

Acoustic Magazine (UK)


Sky TV

‘Amazing Guitarist’ (Headline)


Time Out (Kuala Lumpur)

‘Percussive. Melodic. Spunky. Sweet’

Minor 7th (US)

‘Mike Dawes’ debut album is nothing short of genius’

Amazon (UK)

‘A perfect balance of emotion and technically superior skill, 12 out of 15’

Musik Reviews (Germany)

‘Dawes is one guy performing as 5!’


International Guitar Foundation (IGF)

‘Completely Spellbinding’

Evening Post

‘Dawes dazzled the Seattle audience with his dizzying technique’

Seattle Post

It is my view that he is in the top 1% for guitar performance in the world

Rob Poland, Candyrat Records CEO


‘Mike tears it right up’

Andy Mckee


Eric Whitacre

‘This guy makes me want to put my guitar in the recycling’


’A world-class acoustic act’

‘A hero with his own personal brand of pwnage’

Machinae Supremacy

’Mike Dawes is a F***ing awesome guitarist!’

Jon Gomm

’Mike is a seriously, seriously awesome guitarist’

Newton Faulkner

’He can make the guitar talk, with no effort!’

Jamie Bell (Actor)