Percussive Acoustic Guitar with Mike Dawes iOS App

‘So I wake up one day and start to notice these peculiar fellas slapping, tapping and generally beating the shit out their guitars. What the hell is going on? They’re up there replicating a full band— there’s drums, comping, melodies all happening at the same time.  It’s beautiful. I have played in many bands and it’s a continual challenge, what if I could do it all by myself? Where do I start? Enter Mike Dawes App. He’s a star in this new percussive guitar world and also an excellent explainer of some of the fundamental techniques. I’m in, although still very far from being able to replace my band.’ – James Valentine (Maroon 5)


Check out the brand new 5 star rated tuition app from Mike Dawes, available on iPad, iPhone and now all Apple devices! (iMac, Macbook etc)

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Additionally, you can search for ‘Mike Dawes’ on your App store. Don’t forget to leave a rating for the App on iTunes, the more feedback we receive, the closer we are to App number 2!

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Percussive Acoustic Guitar with Mike Dawes is a comprehensive and interactive tuition app for iOS devices.

Want to get more out of your acoustic guitar?

In this application, players are given over fifty minutes of detailed video instruction in this popular guitar style by one of the world’s leading performers of percussive acoustic guitar. This application is suitable for players of beginner/intermediate level all the way through to advanced. Each of the eighteen exercises feature a video demonstration from Mike with follow along tab to see what is being played, and when. The app’s tab player allows you to hear the exercise being played at any tempo (20-200bpm in 5bpm increments).

This app features:

* Introduction and overview of the modern ‘percussive’ acoustic guitar genre, including Mike’s gear.

* An introduction to DADGAD tuning and associated chord theory

* Lessons in producing realistic drum sounds from your acoustic guitar

* Advanced right hand picking techniques, allowing users to seamlessly perform drum patterns in unison with conventional guitar parts

* Introduction to two handed tapping and how to combine bass, melody, harmony and percussion

* Advanced ‘Over the Top’ style combining a variety of modern guitar techniques.

* Eighteen exercises demonstrated by Mike at different tempos

* Interactive TAB viewer with detailed transcriptions of each exercise

* Tab player that replays exercises at the tempo you want

All video content is downloaded with this app when you purchase it from the app store, so no need to stream content while you practise!